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As part of our work at O studio, we offer a variety of distinguished services related to creating and developing visual identities as well as marketing services that help our clients stand out and reach their target group according to a comprehensive template that combines the aesthetics of the logo, marketing strategy, and technical consulting.

What do we do?

Creating and developing brands.

During the process of designing and developing the brand for the project, we consider the type of activities and services it provides, by conducting a deep study of the field to reconcile the identity of the brand with the mechanism of its work, as the goal is to make the logo artistically express the project, providing clear indication and direct meaning when viewed.

Creating and developing visual identity.

As the first impression of the project and the initial handshake between its clients, the logo is a pillar in creating a brand and implementing a marketing strategy.
Our goal is to develop a visual identity that reflects the vibes of activity and services offered, as well as goes along with the project’s goals and aspirations, and attractive to its target audience.


Packaging is an essential part of product marketing, as it reflects the efforts made in designing, coordinating, and presenting the product to the customer.
Consequently, we always strive to present innovative packaging ideas and solutions, along with provide unique models designed accurately and proficiently by a highly qualified team, as well as supervision on the printing and delivery process to ensure that the product meets the desired standards.


An effective marketing strategy is crucial to achieving a large customer base. Therefore, we employ our long experience in providing marketing ideas and solutions stemming from local culture and global trends, to help our customers achieve their aspirations, and reach their customers faster and more effectively.

Technical consultations.

In order to ensure customer success, we always provide technical consultations to improve and develop the brands.

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